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Profish 400-Light weight Fishing

Kayak $1499.00

This is a kayak that delivers true big fish and big water performance in a compact lightweight package. Light and sleek, this is a kayak that's a delight to manage on and off the water. Touring or fishing, everyone will appreciate how easy it is to paddle. the low wind profile of the Profish 400 lite enhances control and reduces effort in breezy conditions. Smaller paddlers are catered for with side scallops for an improved paddle stroke, while extended leg room delivers comfort for taller individuals. These features along with built in stability at the seat and rear well follows the Viking Kayaks philosophy of making practical kayaks that paddlers of all skill level can enjoy.

Profish GT - Compact Fishing Kayak


Compact, easily managed and incredibly manoeuvrable, this is our new "4WD" fishing kayak. The Profish GT is brilliantly stable and will appeal to salt and fresh water anglers looking for a dry ride. The turned down chines and plenty of rocker enhance surfing performance for those paddling off ocean beaches. The design of the hull & flattened foot well area offer a perfect platform for stand up surface casting. Above the waterline the Profish GT has a similar cockpit design to the Profish Reload. Comfortable seating with a practical cockpit lay-out, plus the time saving ability to "Load and Go" with the removable Tackle Pod, Chill Pod, Flat Deck Pod & Kid Pod options

Viking 2 + 1 Double, Tripple or Solo

Kayak $1099.00

The ideal kayak for those wanting the versatility of a double kayak that can be easily paddled solo too. 3 molded seat positions and foot wells designed to make sure your comfortable in all 3 positions. The Viking 2+1 is a double kayak that’s been designed specifically for easy paddling as a single, a double, or even as a double with a junior sitting in the middle, making it much easier to get the whole family on the water. Awesomely stable the Viking 2+1 offers room and comfort while the rounded edges and sides make this an excellent kayak for easy re- entries during those snorkeling adventures along the coast or when having fun in the waves.

Lagoon - Children & Smaller Adults

Kayak $399.00

Our Lagoon kayak is made especially for smaller paddlers. The flatter hull makes it easy to paddle with excellent stability, providing confidence and safety. The rear well is ideal for snorkelling gear and a dry bag, while the centre hatch has a bucket inside for your smaller items like keys and snack bars.   Another handy design feature is that the Lagoon is stackable so it's easy to load two on your roof racks. Available in Red, Blue, Green and Yellow.

Javlin 14 All Round Ski      


The  Javlin 14 Ski is easy to paddle for everyone. No experience required. Rudder system is controlled by Viking’s easy to adjust foot pedals which suits all leg lengths. Like all other Viking craft, the Javlin 14 is lightweight (19kg) and constructed from super strong polyethylene. This craft has been designed for handling surf conditions, fitness and general recreation. For young and old this ski has everything you need with all the benifits of similar sized glass skis but without the price tag or the fear of damage

Viking Kayaks

Viking Kayaks are Manufactured locally on the Queensland’s Sunshine Coast and offer an unbeatable 30 year warranty.  Whether you just want to go for relaxing paddle with the family or go out and chase the big fish, Viking have a solution for you.  Come on in to our Kedron or Rocklea showroom to have a look at the range. All kayaks come with a paddle and seat* (excluding Lagoon) Now Available through our Rocklea Store. If you need help in working out which Viking Kayak is right for you call one of our salespeople or email us.

Chill-Pod for Reload, 400 & GT


The fully insulated Chill Pod fits neatly into the rear of the Profish Reload, 400 & GT. The "Bread-Bin" style lid opening works perfectly for left or right handed people plus the internal capacity holds a lot more fish than it looks! The Chill Pod will keep ice and fish cold for hours, meaning your fish will stay in perfect condition even on hot days. At the end of your days fishing, simply lift the Chill Pod out of your kayak and into your vehicle - very clean and tidy! We recommend using Salt Ice for best results as it lasts longer & is better for the condition of the fish.

Insulated Cover for Profish 400,

Reload and GT $139.00

Insulated, White PVC Soft Cover for the rear well of your Profish 400, Reload GT or Replay Kayak. You will find this rear cover a great way to keep your fish covered and stored in the rear well of your Profish  Designed with a rear pocket to store your drift chute when not in use. Attachments included to fit yourself or simply add it to your Profish purchase and we will fit it for you.

Seat Cushion Single Thickness


Kayak "Seat Cushion" -Stephen Tapp Design One way to get around a "Numb-Bum" is to purchase our seat cushion to sit on top of your existing seat base. The key to its success is the marine rated medium density closed-cell foam. It is full of holes. These work with the soft foam, allowing it to properly change shape and mold to your backside. This is critical to improving comfort without raising your centre of gravity too much. Being closed-cell foam, the cushions won’t take on water and get heavy, and are brilliantly easy to keep clean.

Propelz Speed Paddle $139.00

Propelz Speed two-piece Fibreglass Paddle Fibreglass paddles are lighter and you will find the shaft is nicer to hold, as it's not as cold as an aluminium shaft paddle Fully adjustable for length & blade angle Drip Rings Handy notch in blade Comes apart to fit in car Adjustable length - 220 - 230cm

Propelz Eco Paddle $79.00

Propelz Eco Alloy two piece Paddle Drip Rings A good all-round paddle for general use. Handy notched blades are useful when fishing around mussel farms as you can pull yourself back by hooking over the ropes to reduce drifting Shaft can be unclipped to reduce length which makes it easier to fit into your vehicle Total length 223cm

Profish Reload - Premium Fishing

Kayak $2299.00

The Profish Reload combines the very best features of the Profish 400 lite and the Profish 440. Add the innovative new features and it provides the kayak angler with the finest fishing kayak available. Fast, stable, and easy to manage on and off the water, this is the kayak of choice for anglers seeking touring endurance combined with the stability to land record class fish! The Reload Tackle Pod™ system offers a worldwide first: a fully integrated and removable sounder, battery, and transducer setup combined with a large tackle storage space. It’s now quick and easy to remove or reload your valuable sounder, transducer, and tackle - the ultimate in convenience. *With the Tackle Pod™ removed for transporting the Viking Profish Reload is much lighter and easier to load onto your roof rack

Propelz ergo Seat $99.00

A great Kayaking Seat with a higher, firmer & more supportive backrest area. The sides wrap around your body a bit more than a basic kayak seat, providing support and a secure feeling when paddling. Handy zippered pocket on the back for your sunblock etc.

Paddle Leash - Stainless Steel


Paddle Leash with Stainless Steel Clip. Simply wrap the spectra loop around the centre of your paddle shaft then thread clip through to secure. Use the stainless clip to attach the leash to your kayak (clipping to one of the seat saddles or to the safety grab line, are good options) Keeps your paddle with your kayak!

Viking tackle Pod for Reload & GT


Load & Go with the Tackle Pod™ *The Tackle Pod™ system offers a worldwide first: a fully integrated and removable sounder, battery, and transducer setup combined with a large tackle storage space. It’s now quick and easy to remove or reload your valuable sounder, transducer, and tackle - the ultimate in convenience. *With the Tackle Pod™ removed for transporting the Profish Reload  &  Profish GT is much lighter and easier to load onto your roof rack. Capacity 29.0 litres

Nemo - Family Fun Kayak   


The Nemo takes our fantastically successful smaller kayak and stretches it for even more room and performance. Compact, light, and stable are the catchwords here. The Nemo is a family recreational kayak that’s great to paddle, easy to transport, and easy to store. The increase in length from the Ozzie allows more room in the cockpit meaning your child can come along for fun. The extra length also improves tracking and glide. The deeper cockpit and flatter hull give a fantastically stable ride, and the central hatch with bucket provides internal storage for your smaller items. Selecting the Nemo is the right choice for those looking for a little more performance and capacity than the shorter kayaks while keeping all their easy to transport and easy to store advantages.

Espri - Family & Cruising Kayak


The Espri delivers class leading performance in the waves, on the ocean and lakes, fishing or just cruising. The Espri glides through the water so much easier than other brands this size, making it a joy to use. It’s the ultimate all-rounder offering maneuverability, speed, and stability in a package the whole family can paddle. The seating position puts your heels lower than your seat, this makes it very comfortable. Large rear well provides adequate space for a child, the family dog or a dry bag with extra gear. Choose the Espri if you’re looking for the most versatile performer that will put a smile on your face whether you’re cruising for a couple of lazy hours, larking in the waves, or flicking out a line for dinner.

Ozzie - Light & Stable Family

Kayak $599.00

A kayak made for fun, the Viking Ozzie shows what recreational kayaks should be capable of, playing in the waves, exploring waterways, or even launching through the rocks to find out what’s just around the corner. Much more than just a toy, this is a kayak that will take kids of all ages on an adventure. It’s short, light, and easy to manage, yet has the stability and capacity to take paddlers up to 120kg. The cockpit grab lines give junior paddlers safe handholds when they’re in the water and also make it easier for everyone to get back on board. The deeper cockpit and flatter hull give a fantastically stable ride, and the central hatch which has a bucket fitted to prevent your items getting lost inside the hull.


Rod Leash - Stainles Steel


Stainless Steel Rod Leash Stephen Tapp Design Longer than the paddle leash designed to attach your rod securely to your kayak. The extra length makes casting lures and baits easy. Spectra Cord end loops around the rod and the s/s clip attaches to the grab- line or saddle on your kayak.

C-Tug Standard Wheel Trolley


Made from composite materials the C- Tug can carry loads up to 120kg and dismantles in seconds and can even be stored in most kayaks.

Visibility Kit $129.00

The RAILBLAZA Visibility Kit II is a must- have safety item in the kit of any kayak angler, or recreational paddler. In one convenient, value-for-money pack you get everything you need for your kayak or canoe to be seen on the water day and night.

Rod Holder Kits starting from


The rod holders are a robust, versatile, and value for money, it will hold your rod, you choose the position.