Roof, Hitch, towball or clip on. We have a bike carrier for you
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EuroClassic G6

2 Bike BA928 - $1019

3 Bike BA929 - $1179

When Only the best will do! The G6 comes complete with LED lights and a timeless design that will complement your vehicle looks. All bikes are individually locked to the carrier and the wheel straps feature the pump function for comfortable and secure holding of the wheels. Maximum of 24kg per bikes. You can also add another bike with the 4th bike adaptor and also has load ramps as an accessory.


2 Bike BA925 - $769

3 Bike BA927 - $899

Thule's most compact and lightweight bike carrier for everyday use. Easy mounting and adjustment of the carrier before closing the tightening handle thanks to the tow bar coupling’s initial stability. Lock your bikes to the bike carrier and your carrier to the tow bar (locks included).

EasyFold 932 $1019

The EasyFold bike carrier has been designed to carry most types of bikes including e-bikes. The folding design allows the two sides to fold up like a suitcase for ease of storage and transportation when not in use. It also has one of the highest load capacities of 2 x 30kg bikes.

BA970 Xpress    $185

The Thule BA970 Xpress is the fastest 2 bike carrier to attach and detach to your vehicle, just sit over the ball and pull apart to clamp onto the ball. It folds flat for easy storage and has reflective endcaps to provide extra safety in traffic.


3 Bike BA974 - $245

4 Bike BA9708 - $369

The HangOn series clamps directly to your towball. It has rubber coated wheel holders and wheel straps.

Bike Carriers

Below are a selection of the bike carriers we sell, the majority of these Bike Carriers are on display in our showrooms.  If you don’t know which bike carrier to buy or just want to see how it will work, feel free to bring your bike in and try it on some of the carriers. If you need help in working out which Bike carrier is right for you call one of our salespeople or email us.

Bike Carrier Types

Roof Mounted Hitch Mounted Towbar Mounted Ute and Indoor Mounted Rear Mounted Accessories .

BA9027 Apex Swing $939

Thule’s Premium hitch mount in a swing away version to allow access to the back of your vehicle even when the bike carrier is fully loaded. Features locking hitch, cable lock for bikes and Hold Fast road dampening technologies to protect your bikes during transport.

Apex Tilt

4 Bike BA9025 - $719

5 Bike BA9026 - $799

Thule premium hitch mount that is convenient and secure to use.  Locks to your hitch and locks your bike to the carrier, it also has anti- sway cage to prevent bike to bike contact.

RBC008   $299

This durable bike carrier lets you comfortably carry up to 4 bikes. It offers a huge time saver in the form of a unique system which allows the top arm to fold down when you’re not using the carrier. So having to constantly remove and reattach the bike carrier is now a thing of the past.

RBC048 Dual Trekker  $479

The all new DUAL TREKKER is now available. This extremely strong and sturdy 2 bike platform carrier will fit both 2” & 1-1/4” hitch receivers. The Dual Trekker safely and securely mounts with a ratcheting arm over-the-tyre on the front of the bicycles and rear wheel straps firmly secures the bikes to the carrier. Access to the rear of your vehicle is always available, even when bicycles are loaded and the carrier folds up and against the vehicle when not in use.

Hitch and Towball Mounted Bike Carriers by Brand

RBC038  $299

Tough and durable in design the RBC038 bike rack is the ideal solution for transporting up to (4) bikes. Made from quality materials the RBC038 bike rack is easy to fit, and simply slides into any 2” (50 x 50mm) standard hitch frame. The bike rack is fastened to the hitch with a threaded locking pin (included) that stabilises the bike rack and minimises excessive wobble.

Thule Bike Carriers

Thule have been the market leader in bike carriers world wide from the recreational rider to the Tour de France.  No matter what type of bike you have Thule have you covered. For More Information on the Thule Bike Carriers Click Here

BA9031 Vertex Swing  $699

The Vertex swing-away design allows a fully loaded hitch rack to swing away from the vehicle for rear access. Comes complete with anti-sway cages.

BA9340PRO Hitching Post  $429

The BA934PRO has been designed for extra clearance from the hitch to allow for most spare wheels. It will carry 4 bikes and the arms can fold down when not in use.  Also comes in a variant to suit 40mm receivers for a small additional cost.

BA916XTR T2   $719

BA918XTR T2 add-on $479

Thule’s premium 2 bike platform hitch rack is the fastest to load and remove bikes with minimal lifting for ultimate convenience. Your bikes are secured by a locking arm that holds over you front wheel without making contact to your frame. It will hold 20” to 29” wheel diameter bikes with up to 3” wide tires.  It can be turned into a 4 bike carrier with the addition of the BA918XTR.

Vertex Tilt

4 Bike BA9029 - $549

5 Bike BA9030 - $599

The Vertex range to suit 50mm receivers feature the new arc design for easier bike loading and carrying performance and has increased mast height for improved ground clearance. It also features anti-sway cages to stop bike to bike contact. For a small additional cost the 4 bike version also comes in a 40mm hitch variant.

FullSwing   $749

Now the family bikes can ride in style. The FullSwing™ has all the bells and whistles, from new ZipStrips™ to fully padded arms. It also swings away with one touch, for easy access to your car whenever you need.

Swingdaddy   $669

The SwingDaddy is a swing away hitch rack with all the right moves. Get easy access to the rear of your vehicle any time during your road trip, without the hassle of having to remove your bikes. So many usable features, including zero-hassle ZipStrips™ to secure your bikes and the integrated SpeedKnob™ for tool- free installation

Doubledown Ace

2 Bike 8002450 - $359

4 Bike 8002451 - $389

5 Bike 8002452 - $419

Yakima is upping the ante with our DoubleDown Ace. We've stacked the deck with great features like tool-free installation, integrated hitch lock and a new paint job.


2 Bike 8002443 - $529

+2 (2 Bike ext) 8002446 - $421

The HoldUp is Yakima's fastest, easiest way to load bikes. Its beefed-up arm pivot makes it stronger than ever and the side-to-side adjustability reduces the chance for bike-to- bike interference. It's a road trip companion for life


4 Bike 8002462 - $579

5 Bike 8002463 - $599

Our new premium tilt-down hitch rack comes fully assembled out of the box. Installation is a breeze with the new AutoPin and locking SpeedKnob. Plus, new ZipStrips make loading and securing bikes simpler than ever. Need to access your vehicle? Simply tilt down with the conveniently located UpperHand lever.