Towing and don’t Want to miss out on the Fishing?
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Rhino Rear Boat Loader  $1738

The Rhino Boat loader is designed to take the hard back breaking work out of lifting your small boat to the roof of a 4wd. The boat loader system is also a great way of transporting your small tinny if you are towing a caravan or trailer. With one man and an 18volt drill, you can easily automate your tinny down to the water and back up to the vehicle roof racks. Suited for 4WD the boat loader does have set limitations: •Not Suitable for inflatable boats •Best with boats up to 12 feet in length weighing under 80 kilos with flat bow rail •Boat loader can only be fitted to a 4wd dependent on its load rating capacity •Boats with Major gunwale protrusions will not roll on •It is recommended to use the boat Loader in conjunction with a Hitch Frame RBLHF (pictured below left) •5 Year Warranty

Rhino Boat Loaders

Rhino Boat Loaders take the back breaking work out of getting your tinnie on the roof, whether you want to load it from the rear or the side Rhino Rack have a solution for you. At Roof Racks Galore we can give you the right advice and if you want us to fit your roof racks and Boat loader we can in most cases do this within four hours. We also keep a large range of spare parts for the Boat loaders and can help you with inspections and reworking the boat loader or replacing the ropes. If you need help in working out which Rhino Rack Boat Loader is right for you call one of our salespeople or email us. Please note the pricing below is for the boat Loaders only and you require Rhino Rack Heavy Duty cross bars for the Boat Loaders to attach to your vehicle.

Rhino Rack Side Boat Loader $1801

The innovative design allows one-man loading and unloading using a 18V battery powered cordless drill. Simply winch the boat up from the passenger side of your vehicle and slide it onto the roof. The Side Boat Loader is perfect for solo fishermen, retirees, or anyone towing a caravan or trailer. It also prevents injury as it means you won’t need to strain your back to load or unload your small boat. The Side Boat Loader is compatible with a range of vehicles including 4WDs, low roof camper vans and station wagons. It will work with boats up to 3.65m and up to 80kg.

Rhino H-Frame $112

A Hitch Frame  is used in the 2" Receiver hitch to minimise damage to the bumper bars or lower parts of the vehicle when loading and unloading your boat whilst using the boat loader. The RBLHF comes in a trendy carry bag for convenient storage when not in use. For More Information on the Rhino Rear Boatloaders Click Here to go to Rhino’s Website

Rhino Boat Loader Upgrade Kit


If you have the old hand winch version of the Rhino Rack rear boat loader and are sick and tired of winding your boat up than you should look at up grading it with this upgrade kit and save the money of replacing the whole loader.